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Earlier this year at Canopy, I was fortunate enough to show ‘Bound’ in a group show at Invenio in order to raise awareness about human trafficking. The show is over, but ‘Bound’ is still available and you can still help Human2020, the non-profit that works tirelessly to end human trafficking by 2020.

‘Bound’ features a woman’s silhouette in profile, bound in rope. The background is a slightly white-washed road map of Austin, Texas. I live near the intersection of Lamar and Rundberg, an area in Austin infamous for drugs, prostitution, and gangs. I wanted to highlight the human trafficking that goes on in our own backyard and not some far away country.

The end of her ponytail is dipped in black mix of plastic & wax. Like human trafficking, pulling a woman’s hair is a violent, controlling action. In making this piece, upon grabbing her ponytail I became intimidated by the power that human traffickers have over their victims. I invite all viewers of ‘Bound’ to gently, but firmly, grab the ponytail to experience a similar sensation. What socio-economic factors cause people to get involved in the business of human trafficking? How can understanding the allure of that power lead to real solutions to prevent it?

‘Bound’ is $1200. It is 44 inches from top to bottom and 36 inches from side to side. Due to weight and size, this item is only available for local pickup here in Austin, TX.  I will donate $200 of the proceeds to Human2020.