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Community Handprint

Community Handprint Mural

I recently completed two Community Handprint murals. The first was at Dobie Middle School for their Health & Community Resource Fair. The second was at Guerrero Thompson Elementary School for their Culture Fair. Here’s how it works.

School leaders organized for students to paint the white background ahead of time with several coats of white paint that I provided. On the day of the event, I brought up the blue stencil and taped it in place.



I start out by using my own hand to show people what’s going on and to demonstrate the range of colors available. Once people get they idea, they want to participate too.

Painting Hands

Painting Hands

Participants chose their own colors and I painted directly onto their hand to ensure an even coat and to prevent (some) mess. I was fortunate enough to have some great North Austin Creatives members help me with this process. With younger children, I guided their hand onto the mural to prevent (some) smearing.



This project is great because everyone can participate. Handprints can all overlap. Beside the mural is a cleanup station so that people can get the paint off their hands.

Dobie Middle School

IMG_6343 IMG_6329 IMG_6374 IMG_6309 static1.squarespace.com1 IMG_6386

Guerrero Thompson Elementary School

IMG_6451 IMG_6433 IMG_6426 IMG_3237

Once the event finished and there were a sufficient number of handprints on the mural, I took down the blue stencil to reveal the work. The next day, I came back to do touch up work. When I saw a few dry days in the weather forecast, I came back to apply a coat of high-quality sealant that protects against sun and graffiti.

mural at Dobie Middle mural at Guerrero Thompson2 mural plaque

I’d like to thank Rundberg Rising, Jose Carrasco of Dobie Middle School, Cecile Fandos of Restore Rundberg, Yeriel Velazquez of Guerrero Thompson Elementary, Principal Maggie Araujo of Dobie Middle School, Principal Lakesha Drinks of Guerrero Thompson Elementary School, Clarissa Cochran & Nick Barreiro of North Austin Creatives for all their help in making this possible.

Interested in having me create a mural with your community? Email me at

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